Martin Trench

Lead Pastor, Gateway Alliance Church

This is My Story

I was born in Lima, Peru to Scottish parents who lived there for 8 years. My family returned to Scotland, UK, when I was 6 years old and I lived in the UK until 2009, when I moved to Canada. My life began to rollercoaster out of control in my teens until I was dramatically converted to faith in Jesus Christ when I was 18 years old. This experience of being impacted by the presence of God, being challenged and convicted by the power of the gospel, being born-again, and baptized in the Holy Spirit and in water, transformed my life and led to my call by God into full-time ministry.


I studied at the famous Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland from 1986-1989 and went on to acquire other degrees (Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate) from different institutions, in Philosophy, Ministry, and Theology. However, its not the academic papers that are important to me, and so I don’t place much emphasis on them or on titles, rather it is my life and ministry experience, my ongoing walk with God, and my hunger for continual study, research, and life-long-learning that mean the most to me and have guided my ministry. I have always had an interest in history, archeology, psychology and theology yet I dislike “dry” intellectualism, and my life has been impacted in a powerful way by seeing, experiencing, and being used by God in prophecy, dreams, visions, healing, and supernatural events.


When I graduated from BTI in 1989, I became an assistant pastor with a charismatic church in Scotland, and after 6 years I was sent out to plant a new church which grew into a multi-staff apostolic centre. After another church plant, I felt called to something new but didn’t know what. My wife and I spent about a year seeking God, and he responded with prophetic words and clear guidance that led us to Gateway Church in Edmonton, Alberta, so at the beginning of 2009 my wife, Christine, and our two daughters accompanied me to Canada to begin a new and exciting phase of our life and ministry. I have two sons who still live in the UK. God has blessed, grown, and transformed our church and opened the door to many new opportunities in the last few years and we are excited about what God still has in store for us.

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